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March 4th, 2012


February 17th, 2011

Domination Zone coverPure classic domination in this first volume of Domination Zone. Sexy, Sultry, Goddess Miki is going to have her way with you!

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

Pure classic domination in this first volume of Domination Zone. Sexy, Sultry, Goddess Miki is going to have her way with you!

Stars: Goddess Miki

Categories: Leather Genital Punishment Submales Femdom BDSM Fetish

Scene Number: 3

Orientation: Straight

Studio Name: Venus Girls Production

Black Slut Paddles White Ass Til It’s Black-n-Blue

December 16th, 2009

Dirty whore Natasha is pissed off that her slutty girlfriend Ashley has been out looking like a tramp, well, more of a tramp than usual! Ashley has been a bad, slutty lesbian and Natasha raps her ass with firm spanking! Natasha’s plan might backfire though, cause it seems like Ashley is enjoying this butt-paddling a little too much! Ashley’s creamy white ass is pink and red after her sexy black lover is through with it!

Young Lesbians Experiment With Spanking

December 16th, 2009

Sexy young stunners Lani Lane and Ashley are sitting on the couch one day, talking filthily to each other about how they’d like to try spanking. Blond Lani has been wondering about getting spanked, whereas dirty brunette lesbian Ashley loves to feel a woman’s ass. She makes Lani stand up, lifting up the back of her short skirt to expose her luscious ass, barely covered by her tiny thong. Lani bends over slightly and Ashley delivers an almighty whack, leaving Lani’s ass red and sore. However Lani feels her panties getting soaked at the dominant treatment, and demands that Ashley hit her again, harder and harder.

Cheating Tart Gets Bare Bottom Spanking

December 16th, 2009

Filthy redhead tart Natasha has been naughty, cheating around on her boyfriend. He is shocked and appalled, rolling his eyes and slumping on the couch in a severe depression. He feels so God damn angry at that whore, and he really wants to punish her! Resolving to teach her a lesson, he grabs the stunning redhead babe and pulls her down on top of his knee. While she struggles to get away, he yanks down her skirt to reveal her pert bare bottom. She shrieks as he brings his palm firmly down on the soft white flesh, leaving an ugly red mark. He doesn’t stop there, pounding the cheating whore’s bottom until it is red all over.

A Pimp Spanks His Disobedient Hooker

December 16th, 2009

Candy is a hooker who is working for a pimp, but she’s got a smart attitude. She came to see him with no money for him and he got pissed. So he took her over his knee and started to each her a lesson. Candy squirmed and screamed to get away from him, but he continued to beat her ass for not having his money. He reddens her ass for a bit over his knee and then he lays her on her back and pushes her legs up. He feels her pussy a bit and notices that she’s actually getting turned on by her punishment so he continues. He keeps on spanking her in several positions until he feels she’s learned her lesson.

A Husband Spanks A Disobedient Wife

December 16th, 2009

Rachel has been relaxing on the couch and her husband comes home to find that none of the household chores are done. He’s sick of her attitude so he takes her over his knee and starts spanking her ass. She protests, but he gets the last word by giving her some slaps on the butt. He continues to spank her while she’s begging him to stop, but she hasn’t fully learned her lesson yet. He then makes her remove her shirt so she can fondle her nipples as her erotically spanks her. Rachel is made to bend over the couch while he continues to slap her ass and then she takes off her thong underwear so that he can really redden her ass.

Brunette Being Spanked By Blonde And Guy

December 16th, 2009

A sleeping Rachel is in for a rude awakening by Alexa and Pete who start spanking her. This lands his dick down her throat. She swallows Pete’s member and her ass is red from all the slapping. She yells and screams as she is being first spanked by Alexa and then by Pete in turn. Her skirt is high above her head and her ass is turning red at first and then slowly gets purple. We get closeups of her meaty ass slowly changing colors right before our eyes. Alexa clearly loved spanking her and Pete although thorough with the spanking, is clearly a little more generous about it. They keep going until she promises never to sleep so long again

Teacher Spanks Naughty Girl’s Bare Ass

December 16th, 2009

You know what happens to a dirty little bitch who doesn’t do what she’s told? She gets spanked till her ass is raw and bleeding, that’s what! Naughty coed Ashley hasn’t been paying attention during her lessons, instead daydreaming about boys, sex and makeup. Her teacher Adam, who doesn’t take any bullshit from an aggressive little minx like Ashley, is at his wits end – so he just makes her stand up over her desk, pulling up her skirt and running his hands over her pert bottom. Smack! and he starts vindictively pounding on her ass, making her cry and try to get away – but instead he just pulls her panties down and keeps on spanking her.

Naughty cheerleader is spanked by two adults

December 16th, 2009

Tawney has been a bad girl, as Norma and Adam are discussing when the scene begins. Because of her naughty behavior she’s going to be punished, and they’ve chosen the immediate pain and pleasure (for them, at least) of a spanking. They call her into the room and she enters in her cute little cheer outfit. Adam has her lie across his lap and he pulls up her skirt to deliver the first blow. She cries out in pain, but that’s not going to slow him down. Norma holds Tawney in place while the beating continues, eventually getting in on the action herself. By the end Tawney’s ass is bright red.

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